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Jean-Francois Sobiecki - Healer, Wellness Coach & Ethnobotanist

Do you feel a calling to change your life and to find your higher purpose and power, but do not even know where to start?

Drawing on his own experience and journey as a healer, together with the knowledge gained from masterful mentors and numerous traditions from around the world, Jean-Francois has developed a powerful alchemical toolbox to help people realize their Life’s Calling and Purpose accessing their own Personal Power and Truth.

The Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Process © will help you Know Yourself and Integrate the different levels of your being, using various tools from plant medicine healing, emotional (inner child) healing, finding answers and re-visioning ones powerful Self through visualization (image-journeying), accessing archetypes and addressing ones relationship to ones ancestors.

The process of self transformation can take many years of pain, trial and error on your own, but with Jeans help you can be guided gently towards realizing your unique path and gifts to live a more powerful, authentic and fulfilling life.

Jean-Francois is here to guide you on this amazing Journey of Self Discovery and Growth. 

Personal note from Jean-Francois

Phyto (prounouned Fyto) means plant and phytoalchemy refers to my passion and calling in using plant medicines to transform illness into well-being.

In addition to the Phytoalchemy self transformation coaching I offer, I also provide nutritional consultations to my patients on what are the best vitamins, minerals, plant medicines and enzymes for them to use to heal chronic ailments and to boost and optimize their health and well-being.

I help people heal the following conditions:

Nervous system illness, e.g., Stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Digestive system illness, e.g., IBS, diverticulitis, Crohns.

Immune and Bone system illness, e.g., Athritis, Food allergies, MS and chronic low immunity and infections.

Metabolic illness, e.g., Weight gain etc.


What does Jean-Francois' consultations involve?

Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Healing Process

A five week process is offered to holistically heal from the past and move ahead with Strength and New Vision in your Purpose, relationships and spiritual journey. This process uses the Phytoalchemy Medicine Wheel © as a model taking the individual on a process of self awareness and growth through various tools of self enquiry and personal transformation. 

The 5 week Personal Transformation process includes: 

1. Initial consultation session (1). South Gate: Letting go of the past. (Includes African cleansing, Shamanic smudging (mapacho) and steaming medicines and techniques to identify programming and letting them go).

2. West Gate: Identifying and transforming blockages and fears. Includes session (2) for image-journey visualization work to explore obstacles and to transform them, heart opening medicines, inner child work and thereafter Ubulawu-2 week process to be done at home* If one is not wanting to do Ubulawu an alternative Plant teacher medicine: San Pedro can be facilitated.

3. North Gate: Re-visioning and Anchoring a New Powerful Self (Session 3): Drawing on the Power of the Ancient Archetypes and ones Ancestors. 

4. East Gate: Integration. How to Walk the New Self.  (Session 4) Final session.

Cost of the 5 week transformation process is R7500An initial payment with the remainder installment in week 3 is acceptable. Includes resources and home exercises.

*For a condensed summary of what Ubulawu is click here. Complete research paper: here 

For those wanting to do the Ubulawu process on their own: (2 weeks), without the other medicine wheel tools costs R3000 including an initial and follow up consultation, the medicine, instruction and monitoring.

You can email me with questions you may have: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Nutritional Healing Consultations

Taking a full case history Jean-Francois uses holistic medicine diagnostics (system relationship/tongue assessment diagnosis) and puts an individualized wellness program with food as medicine inclusions, allergenic food exclusions and supplement recommendations.


Plant Medicine - Energy Clearing Consultations

Jean Francois uses cleansing, uplifting and strengthening plant medicine treatments (shamanic smudging, and steaming medicines) to help people align, relax and be grounded.

Phytoalchemy Self Development Coaching 

Individual sessions of coaching are offered in order to guide a person on their life path using either image-journeying to find personal answers, emotional healing to let go of the past and re-visioning ones future. 


Medicinal Plant and Traditional Healing Mentoring

Full day training on how to identify and use South Africa’s most powerful healing plants, what are psychoactive plants and how do they heal, an introduction to global traditional medicine systems (African Traditional Medicine, TCM, Ayurveda, Shamanism), wild foods plants, and principles of Holistic Medicine and Healing.  I can also answer questions and offer guidance on your own healing journey. See here for more


Consultation fees

Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Healing Process. R7500 - 5 weeks.  

Phytoalchemy Nutritional Healing Consultation: R650. 1 Hour, together with an individualized program to be put together and sent to you. (Can be as Skype consultation).

Phytoalchemy Energy Clearing Session: R650. 1 Hour. Medicinal plant cleansing treatments and Life Path Guidance.

Phytoalchemy Self Development Coaching. R400 Per hour.   

Medicinal Plant and Traditional Healing Medicine: R2700 full day training. 


Banking details:

J.F.S Sobiecki

FNB savings account: 623 963 06930

Branch code: 252242

Thank you.


To make a booking

Call Jean on: 076 163 0504076 163 0504 , or email him at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Location: 149 Second Road, Chartwell (pass 149 sign Rick and Margies, and proceed to the 2nd green palisade gate), close to Broadacres shopping centre near Fourways Johannesburg North.

Consulting hours 9am - 7pm. By appointment.

Jean also consults through skype for long distance clients: Jfsobiecki