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About Jeans Phytoalchemy Courses

What is Phytoalchemy?

Phyto (pronounced Fyto) is Greek for Plants, and Alchemy means Transformation from one state to another. So Phyto-Plant Alchemy means: Using medicinal plants to transform illness to health!

What do I cover in my Courses?

In summary: I cover:

How Plants help us to Heal; Plant Food as Medicine.

The Study of Medicinal Plants: their chemistry, uses, preparation etc.

The Fundamental Principles of Holistic Medicine & Healing.

How Psychoactive Visionary Shamanic Plants such as Ayahuasca, San Pedro, and Psilocybe Mushrooms are used for Healing and Self Development,

& Many Health & Nutrition Tips and Insights to increase your Well-being and Health!

Course 1: Food as Medicine & Principles of Healing.
Course 2: The Healing Power of Psychoactive Plants.
Course 3: The Major Visionary Plants.
Course 4: South African Medicinal Plant Healing Walk.

Course outline:

What Value can you Gain from the Courses?

  • Fundamental knowledge of using medicinal plants and food as medicine to prevent and treat diseases of lifestyle such as heart disease, high blood pressure, inflammation, anxiety, stress, diabetes, and obesity.
  • Core knowledge on medicinal plants and the principles of herbal medicine to start a career in natural medicine.
  • To improve you and your clients health and well-being by using natural medicine to increase energy, immunity, mood, and concentration to improve work performance and quality of life.
  • To understand what are psychoactive plants and how they can be used to heal and promote self development, and growth.
  • To live more holistically and improve your relationship to yourself and others and more..

I would like to know what the costs are in ZAR?

Jean Francois Sobiecki is Offering his PhytoAlchemy Online Herbal & Shamanic Plant Courses for a Special Summer Discount Offer at:

R750! ($50/37£ )

The Normal Course Price =R1950, (120$/95£s)

Great Value for Awesome Knowledge! To make use of this exciting offer:

Do you receive some forms of certification that will be of benefit to my studies in the field of natural medicine?

Yes, you receive a certificate of completion if you do the all courses package.

Tell us about how they work-the Courses? What is the format of the course?

  • The Courses are preloaded on the website and once you register for the courses you can go through any of the modules in your own time. There is no time limit on the course.
  • I would suggest one week per course to digest the knowledge. Set yourself 5 weeks for the whole course with reading papers, doing worksheets, plant factsheets and podcasts.
  • You can then re-do the courses at any time.

How do I register and start?

To register start all you need to do is follow the sign up process


How do I access the Courses once I have signed up?

You can access the courses on your PC/laptop by logging into the login top menu button on the homepage then choosing the modules under the courses tab.
or by hovering over the courses tab and the drop down menu of the
modules will appear on the right. You can then click these to access
the course with putting in your chosen username and pw.

On your phone or tablet-login via the top login menu button, then click on the upside down arrow on the right of the courses tab, that will drop down the course outlines (eg., Food as medicine), then click the upside down arrow on the right to bring down the modules, eg., Food as Medicine Introduction-click these to access the videos and course material. 

I would suggest working through from the start progressively.

The Knowledge Jean shares is not ordinary text book knowledge but experiential knowledge Jean has gained from working with plant medicines and clinical nutrition in the field of wellness for over 15 years, together with latest medicinal plant research findings & importantly, having gone himself on an intensive Personal Journey of Healing and Self Development.

Jeans courses are designed to help you Transform and Heal your Life through the Power of Natural Medicine & Healing Principles-so you can Live a More Whole, Balanced and Happier life!

Health like Life Itself is a Journey-Embrace it!