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What does Jean-Francois' consultations involve?

Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Healing Process

A five week process is offered to holistically heal from the past and move forward in ones life with New Vision in your purpose, relationships and spiritual journey. This process uses the Phytoalchemy Medicine Wheel © as a model taking the individual on a process of self awareness and growth through various tools of self enquiry and personal transformation.

This process is especially useful for those suffering from life crises, depression and those wanting to transform their lives.

Nutritional Healing Consultations

Jean takes a full case history using holistic medicine diagnostics (organ system pattern relationships, TCM based tongue assessment and a detailed health questionnaire etc) after which he puts an individualized wellness program with food as medicine guidelines, allergenic food exclusions and correct vitamin and mineral recommendations with the correct dosages. (what supplements/herbs the individual should be taking and their right dosage for the condition treated).

Plant Medicine – Energy Clearing and Grounding Treatments

Jean Francois uses cleansing, uplifting and strengthening plant medicine treatments (South African and South American cleansing, smudging and steaming medicines) to help people align, relax and be grounded.

Phytoalchemy Self Development Coaching 

Individual sessions of coaching are offered in order to guide a person on their life path using either image-journeying to find personal answers, emotional healing to let go of the past and re-visioning ones future. 

Medicinal Plant and Traditional Healing Mentoring

Full day training on how to identify and use South Africa’s most powerful healing plants, what are psychoactive plants and how do they heal, an introduction to global traditional medicine systems (African Traditional Medicine, TCM, Ayurveda, Shamanism), wild foods plants, and principles of Holistic Medicine and Healing.  I can also answer questions and offer guidance on your own healing journey. See here for more

Consultation fees

Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Healing Process. R4590 – 5 weeks. (includes 3 sessions, exercises, and all cleansing and opening medicines)  

Phytoalchemy Nutritional Healing Consultation: R950 – 1 Hour, together with an individualized program to be put together and sent to you. (Can be as Skype consultation).

Phytoalchemy Energy Clearing Session: R1200 – 1.5 Hours. Medicinal plant cleansing treatments and Life Path Guidance.

Phytoalchemy Self Development Coaching: R1000 -1.5 Hours.

Medicinal Plant and Traditional Healing Medicine: R2600 full day training. 

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