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Food as Medicine

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In this colourful and interesting course, Jean will help you to know how to use super plant foods, herbs, spices, and vitamins and minerals to boost your mood, concentration, immunity, libido and energy, and how you can use these natural medicines to effectively treat and prevent lifestyle diseases such as stress, anxiety, ADHD, memory loss, depression, heart disease and high blood pressure. 

Module 1: How Plants Heal

Module 2:  What are Psychoactive Plants and their Healing Ability?

Module 3:  Tonic Food Plants and Spices 

1hr: 20min


The Healing Power Of Psychoactive Plants

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A very interesting and useful course to help you know how psychoactive plant foods can heal the nervous system, and their role in self development and wellness. Jean covers definitions, examples, traditional uses of psychoactive plants in healing and shamanism. Examples: Ayahuasca, Brugmansia, Sceletium, catha edulis etc. How psychoactive plants and psychedelics work on the brain and how psychoactive plants help treat and heal conditions such as stress, anxiety and depression. 52 min

Worksheet notes: Psychoactive Plants, Healing and Pattern Breaking, The nervous system guidelines, and Ubulawu Southern Africa’s Psychoactive Plant Healing Medicine.


The Major Visionary Psychoactive Plants

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Jean takes the student through the major strong acting psychoactive visionary plants/fungi: Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Peyote, Psilocybe mushrooms, Ubulawu: Silene undulata (dream root), Synaptolepis kirkii (dream rhizome), and imphepho outlining their traditional uses, the differences between the plants, their effects, diet preparations and how to make and use the plant medicines. 1hr: 20 min 

Module 1. Ayahuasca part 1

Module 2. Ayahuasca part 2

Module 3. San Pedro

Module 4. Mixing plants and ceremony observances

Module 5. Psilocybe Mushrooms

Module 6. Peyote

Module 7. African Plant Teacher Medicines: Ubulawu


South African Medicinal Plants And Healing Walk

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Jean takes us through a beautiful nature reserve close to Johannesburg to learn to identify and use South Africa’s most powerful medicinal healing plants, wild edible plants, as well as explaining principles of holistic medicine and how ayahuasca and other visionary plants heal from personal experiences. 1hr: 18 min


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    “Jean-Francois is passionate about ethnobotany, and doing a great job educating others about it. In these times it is important that people rediscover their connection to nature, and understanding the healing power of plant medicines is a good place to start. Jean has created the tools to empower people to make that connection”

    Dr Dennis McKenna Ph.D.
    Symbio Life Sciences-Ethnopharmacologist
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    "Jean has played an integral part in helping me understand my connection with medicinal plants. Very knowledgeable and highly experienced. I absolutely recommend his services and programs for anyone who would like to learn more about the benefits of medicinal plants, herbs and overall healthy nutrition."

    Wesley Fernandes
    Training Specialist
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    “As a highly qualified ethnobotanist as well as a man trained in traditional medicine, Jean brings a unique approach to the subject. To do one of Jeans courses is to give oneself a gift. Nobody would regret it!”

    Sakhile Nyoni Reiling
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    “Jeans knowledge of African medicinal plants is mind blowing. If you are interested in wanting to heal yourself with food as medicine and the healing properties of common herbs, vegetables, spices and other medicinal plants, Jeans workshops are a MUST!!!”

    Jolene Sly
    Khanyisa NPO Secretary
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    “Jean Francois has been deeply immersed in the world of healing plants for many years - wonderful to see he is sharing this knowledge through his courses and guided walks”.

    Dr Nigel Gericke
    Medical Doctor & Botanist
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    “I've had the chance to participate in two plant tours with Jean and on both occasions, found them to be incredibly insightful. The plant tours are leisurely and also informative and practical and they leave you with a greater appreciation for plant life. I highly recommend it!”

    Sipho Nkabinde
    Banking Solutions Strategist
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    “I attended Jeans workshops which I found to be so interesting and very informative. Jean's knowledge of indigenous - and medicinal plants in general, is incredibly vast, and his passion for the plants shines through in his teachings”. 

    Francette Jerling
    Medicinal Plant Researcher

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