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Come experience the Re-connective Healing Power of Medicinal Plants and Nature with Ethnobotanist (medicinal plant specialist) and Healer Jean Francois Sobiecki, as he takes you on a Journey through the beautiful and peaceful Klipriviersberg Nature Reserve in the South of Johannesburg. 

You will learn about South Africa's most powerful healing plants used by the Izangoma (diviners) and Izinyanga (herbalists), how traditional medicine is prepared and used, the role of psychoactive plants in healing, wild edible plants and more...

The 3 Hour Guided Healing Workshop Walk cost: R1200 per person (R950 pp if you bring a friend), R450 students. 

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Full Day Training on Medicinal Plant Use and Traditional Healing, 2017 


The mentoring is usually done for healer initiates or those using plants as part of their practice but anyone who has passion in the healing knowledge I can teach. This is one on one training.

The training will occur first at the Faraday muti market in Johannesburg,where we can buy samples of medicines and discuss Traditional Medicine dynamics there, then we go through to Klipriviersberg nature reserve (Mondeor South JHB) to engage nature and plants in living form.


Jean covers in this intensive training:


*How to identify and use South Africa’s most powerful healing plants such as Artemisa afra (Umhlonyane),  

  Pentanisa prunelloides (Icimamlilo), etc


*Global cross cultural patterns of using plant medicines for cleansing, opening, and strengthening.  


*How to prepare plant medicines and ways to administer them: steaming, washing, tinctures, decoctions, smudging, 

  smoking, ointments etc

*The commercialization of South African medicinal plants: new potentials.

*What is traditional medicine and being a healer? Understanding the initiation process.


*What are psychoactive plants and how do they heal the mind. What is their role in the initiation of South American

  & South African healers


*Food plants you can eat from the wild and much more…


The training is intensive so bring a notebook, hat, good walking shoes snacks and water. 

*I do also include guidance on your own personal healing journey during the training.

Times are from 9:30 to 4:30pm. Dates can be discussed and decided on. 

The cost is R2600 for the full day training. 

Bookings: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , 076 163 0504076 163 0504.