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What is stress, anxiety and depression?

The dictionary definition of stress is a force that disrupts mental and physical functioning: (our modern day city living!).

As we all know, some stress can motivate but when we are faced with too much stress we become overwhelmed and harm results.

Stress is often situational; stemming from being overworked, a stressful experience: exams, and importantly not having enough time to take care of and balance oneself.

Anxiety however; from my experience and observations, is more deep seated and relates to beliefs and fears one has. These could involve feeling out of control of ones life, poor self esteem, and internalized destructive beliefs or labels one has of oneself; I am a failure, or outsider etc. Continual stress can be internalized and become anxiety see Healing anxiety.

Depression is the result of continual stresses and anxiety which leads to a breakdown of normal functioning and exhaustion and a physical and mental shut down. It happens to all of us in our lives at some point. In the majority of cases it is not a disease. It is a normal aspect of life. Pharmaceutical drugs like antidepressants can act act as buffers giving people a chance to recover from trauma etc yet true healing goes well beyond drugs and required addressing the whole of the person including beliefs self image etc. 



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